Independence starts with choice. VMI wheelchair conversion minivans provide flexible seating options to meet your needs. Whether your vehicle of choice is a Toyota, Honda, Dodge or Chrysler, VMI vehicles are designed to provide maximum interior space and seating capacity.

Take a look at our seating configurations to learn more about the available options in VMI wheelchair accessible minivans with Northstar, Summit or Northstar E conversions. Seating capacity can vary based on make/model and ramp system.

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*Seating options may vary per vehicle model. Contact VMI for complete details.


Removable Driver and Front Passenger Seats

Wheelchair users have the freedom to drive from their wheelchair or ride in the passenger position.

Multiple Securement Locations

Multiple securements allow wheelchair users to sit in the front or in the mid row.

Mid-row Seating

Choose single, dual or no mid-row seats. Maximize your seating capacity to fit your needs*.

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Does your current mobility solution offer you multiple seating configurations for flexibility?


VMI's standard removable front seats offer a variety of seating configuration options that allow for independence and flexibility. Wheelchair users can choose to drive from their chair, sit in the front passenger position, or ride in the middle row of the van. VMI's manual conversion offer caregivers the option to sit next to their loved one as well.


Do your able-bodied passengers feel like they're riding in a bus, or feel confined to small jump seats when riding in your current mobility vehicle?


VMI's wheelchair minivans offer a clean, uncluttered interior and pleasant ride for all passengers. By utilizing the manufacturers' original front seats and rear-bench seat with fold-down footrest, VMI wheelchair-accessible vans offer additional comfort for able-bodied, as well as wheelchair passengers.


Can you fit up to seven people, including two wheelchairs passengers, in your current solution?


VMI's Northstar E manual conversion, available on a Dodge Grand Caravan or Toyota Sienna, offers an optional single or double mid-row seat for maximum seating capacity up to seven people. VMI fully-powered in-floor and fold-out conversions, available on Honda, Chrysler, Dodge and Toyota minivans offer seating capacity of up to six people.

"[My chair] fit in like a glove with no issue. When I was backing out, I didn’t even hit any side walls."

"In front of the back seat you actually have a V cut in so you are gaining another foot, maybe 14 inches or so, where you can actually back straight up before you have to turn."

"Sold! Can I take it home with me? The front seats are up and it's hollow underneath where [the other van] has too much stuff. This is a lot better. A whole lot better."

"I was surprised at the big difference between the two [vans]. VMI was just head and shoulders better than the other van, I thought."