When it comes to maneuverability, VMI vans have plenty of headroom for both the driver and their passengers. Unlike our competitors, VMI vans have ample room for maneuverability while entering, exiting and navigating the cabin. Our users really appreciate that they can back up and drive forward down our ramp system rather than having to back down most other mobility vehicles.

VMI recently invited a handful of participants to explore our vans. They loved how our vans were crafted with maneuverability in mind and gave our products 8.9 out of 10 stars!


Impressive headroom

The VMI van had more headroom than the leading competitor.

Much larger interior space

VMI offers a generous 60” of space behind the seat as compared to just 51” in the competitor van.

Access 360™

Wheelchair users can turn around inside the van to exit facing forwards, not backwards.

Higher door opening

VMI gives you almost 3 additional inches of door height.

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Do you strain, duck or stretch to get in and out of your current mobility vehicle?


VMI vans combine innovative ramp systems and spacious cabin options to simplify the complexities of loading and unloading wheelchairs. Gone are the days of seat transfers and the unnecessary stowing of your wheelchair in the trunk. VMI vans enable users to remain in their wheelchair throughout their entire transit.


Are there scuffs, dents and scratches throughout the interior of your current mobility vehicle?


VMI vans have been specifically designed with the user and their passengers in mind. Independent wheelchair users can successfully enter and exit our vans without bumping into other chairs and passengers inside the cabin.


Do you feel squashed or cramped trying to drive your current mobility vehicle while staying in your wheelchair?


VMI vans have more headroom than the competition so you'll never feel stuck or strained behind the wheel. Maneuverability, reliability and comfort played major parts in the design of every VMI van.

"[My chair] fit in like a glove with no issue. When I was backing out, I didn’t even hit any side walls."

"In front of the back seat you actually have a V cut in so you are gaining another foot, maybe 14 inches or so, where you can actually back straight up before you have to turn."

"Sold! Can I take it home with me? The front seats are up and it's hollow underneath where [the other van] has too much stuff. This is a lot better. A whole lot better."

"I was surprised at the big difference between the two [vans]. VMI was just head and shoulders better than the other van, I thought."