Ease Of Use

The VMI in-floor ramp has been the No. 1-selling in-floor system for more than 20 years due to its industry-leading ease of use and reliability. Because there is no manual labor or complicated deployment process, 90% percent of end users prefer our in-floor ramp to a fold-out version. Similarly, nine out of 10 clinicians recommend an in-floor ramp over its counterpart to their patients. With a ramp that slides out from under the floor at the push of a button, VMI’s in-floor system is truly the easiest to use for independent wheelchair users and caregivers alike.

Do You Prefer in Floor or Fold out?

Users love the simplicity and convenience of our in-floor ramp system. When you purchase a VMI mobility van with our Northstar in-floor ramp, you get to enjoy five significant usability benefits.

  • Easy operation, free of bending or heavy lifting
  • More interior space
  • An obstruction-free doorway
  • Reduced outside debris brought into the vehicle
  • No loud rattling inside the cabin

Quieter, smoother ramp

Ramp is stored securely under the floor; no rattling inside.

Easy to operate

Easy to deploy and stow with a simple touch of a button. No heavy bending or lifting.

Maximum maneuverability

Ramp is stored out of the way; allows for full use of front passenger seat and maximum interior space.

Less dirt and debris

Ramp stows away under the floor, so dirt and debris are kept out of the van interior.

Obstruction-free doorway

Normal use of the passenger side sliding door. Anyone can enter and exit without having to deploy the ramp.

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Does your current mode of transportation allow you to go anywhere, anytime?


VMI in-floor ramp vans make travel easy. There's no reason wheelchair transportation should come between you and personal independence. Our mobility solutions simplify travel for everyone involved.


Is ease of use and reliability important factors to you when considering a wheelchair accessible vehicle?


VMI ramps come in two, extremely easy-to-use options. Whether it's a push of a button or simply using one hand to lower the in-floor system manually, our ramp systems are extremely user friendly. Anyone can learn!


Do you prefer an in-floor ramp or a fold-out ramp?


VMI ramps make entering and exiting your mobility van as simple as possible, wheelchair and all. However, an in-floor ramp provides the added benefits of an obstruction-free doorway, greater interior space and a clean interior.

"[My chair] fit in like a glove with no issue. When I was backing out, I didn’t even hit any side walls."

"In front of the back seat you actually have a V cut in so you are gaining another foot, maybe 14 inches or so, where you can actually back straight up before you have to turn."

"Sold! Can I take it home with me? The front seats are up and it's hollow underneath where [the other van] has too much stuff. This is a lot better. A whole lot better."

"I was surprised at the big difference between the two [vans]. VMI was just head and shoulders better than the other van, I thought."