Ground Clearance

There's nothing worse than bottoming out your vehicle. You know the feeling as you check the rear view mirror to see if you’ve left behind a part of your vehicle. Scraping the vehicle undercarriage is a thing of the past when it comes to VMI vans. We've designed our vehicles to provide optimal ground clearance, enabling you to drive over speed bumps and other road hazards with confidence and ease.

We put our vans to the test for users and their viewing pleasure. The jury is in: VMI vans are better equipped to tackle speed bumps and obstructions thanks to our strategic ground clearance options.



Entry angle is an ultra-low 8˚ and ramp achieves higher ground clearance due to our PowerKneel™ system.

Higher ground clearance

VMI offers 5.5” of ground clearance compared to just 4.3” in the competitor van.

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Does your current mobility solution ride too low to the ground due to the weight of your wheelchair?


VMI vans ride 5.5" or higher above the ground with or without a wheelchair inside. Thanks to our innovative PowerKneel™ system, VMI vans give you higher ground clearance without sacrificing the much desired low ramp angle for easy entry and exit from the vehicle.


Do you hear or feel the scraping of your vehicle's exhaust pipe even when going over the speed bump at a snail’s pace in your current vehicle?


VMI vans lead the industry in ground clearance compared to other vehicles in its class. The VMI Toyota Sienna provides as much as 20% more clearance from the lowest point on the vehicle to the ground compared other accessible minivans on the market today.

"[My chair] fit in like a glove with no issue. When I was backing out, I didn’t even hit any side walls."

"In front of the back seat you actually have a V cut in so you are gaining another foot, maybe 14 inches or so, where you can actually back straight up before you have to turn."

"Sold! Can I take it home with me? The front seats are up and it's hollow underneath where [the other van] has too much stuff. This is a lot better. A whole lot better."

"I was surprised at the big difference between the two [vans]. VMI was just head and shoulders better than the other van, I thought."