The VMI Mobility Van Challenge has ended!

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Last year we challenged the competition to see how VMI ranked in the mobility industry. This year we're asking anyone and everyone -- everyday caregivers, disabled veterans and independent wheelchair users -- how their individual solutions match up against ours. And what better way to recognize the unique needs of every customer than to have an open dialogue about what works and what doesn't?

This is our Dare to Compare sweepstakes and it's your chance to win.

Do you use a full-size van, transfer seat, modified car or a horse and buggy to transport your wheelchair from place to place? Does your vehicle promote personal mobility and reliable independence?

We're committed to providing the best technology for people with disabilities and your input counts! We're even giving away a free VMI van conversion to one lucky participant just for entering the sweepstakes, because we're that confident in our vehicles and their life-changing abilities.
So don't wait. Dare to Compare.

Enter the sweepstakes and consider scheduling a live demo of one of our VMI vans today!

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"[My chair] fit in like a glove with no issue. When I was backing out, I didn’t even hit any side walls."

"In front of the back seat you actually have a V cut in so you are gaining another foot, maybe 14 inches or so, where you can actually back straight up before you have to turn."

"Sold! Can I take it home with me? The front seats are up and it's hollow underneath where [the other van] has too much stuff. This is a lot better. A whole lot better."

"I was surprised at the big difference between the two [vans]. VMI was just head and shoulders better than the other van, I thought."